How to presere your carpet

1 – Periodic cleaning

  • Use a vacuum only, every 15 or 30 days, being careful with the fringes
  • Wool rugs are recomended to be beaten one or twice a year to prevent dirt from settling. Hit the back with a broom handle.
  • Silk rugs must not be beaten or vacuumed. Ideally, just shake it.
  • In case of spillage of any liquid, collect the excess with a spoon and wipe it with a damp cloth with warm water.

2 – Fading

  • To avoid fading, or delaying the process, avoid exposing it to sunlight. A common procedure is to periodically turn the rug into position.
  • It is recomended to put some protection under the rug to prevent slipping and protect the undersite of it.

3 – Storage

  • If necessary, the rugs must be stored open or closed.
  • They must be stored clean and dust free.
  • Carpets stored folded, maximum or two weeks.
  • Storage location must be cool and damp. 
  • The addition of mothballs or bay leaves prevents the proliferation of moths. 

4 – How to eliminate stains

  • Alcoholic beverage – moisten the place with sparkling mineral water.
  • Absorb the excess with paper or white cloth dampened with alcohol , rubbing lightly in the direction of the hair.
  • Food in general – dry with a cloth moistened with alcohol. Mix some baby shampoo with a teaspon of vinegar. Smear the stain and remove well with water. Brush towards the fur with a sjot-bristled brush and dry with hot air. 
  • Fats (butter, oil, paint, etc.) – remove the excess with a spoon. Rub with alcohol. While still damp, shampoo with vinegar  as indicated above. 
  • Dry blood – remove with a soft bristle brush. Cover the area with washing powder  and after 3 hours, remove the excess with a spoon and whash with water. Dry with a blow dryer. 
  • Gum – Remove the gum with ice wrapped in a plastic bag. When cold, remove as much as possible with a spoon, rubbing the hair. Then rub alcohol and repeat the procedure with the shampoo and vinegar solution. 
  • Coffee or tea – remove the excess immediately. Wipe the area with a cloth with sparkling mineral water and dry it whith absorvent paper. Repeat the operation with a shampoo and vinegar solution.

5 – Non-slip

    • Its is recomended to put some protection under the rug to prevent slipping and protect the underside of the rug.