Weaving rugs

The loom normally used in the manufacture of rugs is of the vertical type. In some regions, there are also other types. The working principle is identical to all looms. A set of threads called “warp”, which constitutes the base of the rug, is intertwined by another set of threads, called “weft”, which completely covers the warp .

There is a type of rugs named “knot rugs”, which according to their colors, give rise to the designs.

In the sequence of the images below, weavers and the production of floral and geometric rugs on different kind of looms.


Basically there are two types of knots: Turkish or “ghiordes” knot and the Persian knot ou “senneh”. The caracteristics of each are as follow:

1 – Turkish knot is looped in a continuous circular motion on every two warp threads. One loop is loosened and the other is tightened. The loose loop is cut, giving rise to the velvety pile of the rug.

Between each row of knots, two rows of normal mesh stitch (Kilim) are woven two give structure to the rug and secure the knots.  

2 – Persian knot (senneh) is made through a symetrical  and alternating movement, in two warp ropes. The taller ends are cut off, giving rise to the rug’s fur.